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Ch. Greenwyn Ascot Heartease (Tessa) Matthew (Ch. Greenwyn Ascot Matthew Marcus) are the proud parents of a litter of 2 black puppies and 3 brown puppies born July 27, 2008. Both Matthew and Tessa have Canine Health Information Center numbers.

Our Puppies

We are extremely careful about choosing homes for our puppies. As we feel that we have an obligation to every puppy we breed to see that each one has a long, happy, safe, and healthy life in a loving and committed home, we subject potential buyers to incredible scrutiny. We prefer to place our puppies in homes within a day's drive. Depending on the home and the circumstances, we might be able to be flexible.

We DO NOT ship

There are several reasons for this:

  • We will not ship a puppy as we feel the airlines do not exhibit sufficient concern for the animals in their care.
  • It is very important that the potential buyers, our dogs, and we meet face to face. Not every line of dogs is right for every home and vice versa. This personal meeting is often always very helpful, especially for a buyer who has never had a Standard before. It is essential for prospective homes troubled by allergies.
  • If there should be a problem, it would be more easily managed at a reasonable distance than 2000 miles away.

Limited Registration

All of our pet puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts with limited registrations. We do not make exceptions to this rule. We have a policy that any puppy bred and sold by us diagnosed in the first five years of life with a genetic anomaly will be replaced at no cost at the appropriate time. If for any reason, a home cannot keep a dog, it must be returned to us so that we can find it a new home. We will not let a puppy go to a new home until it is at least 10-12 weeks old. We use a shot program devised by Dr. Jean Dodds which is designed to put the least amount of stress possible on a puppy's developing immune system. This is an elongated vaccination protocol using fewer combination shots and spread out over a longer period of time. We do not have a kennel; all of our dogs not being shown are house pets. Our puppies are whelped in our dining room and raised there and in the adjacent kitchen with almost constant human companionship. We do not allow prospective homes to choose their own puppies. We are show breeders and we breed for the show ring. We live with a litter from the moment of birth until the individual puppies go to their new homes. We know, far better than any casual observer, which puppy is better suited for a retired person living in a condo and which puppy would do best in a home with four children.

Black, White, Cream and Brown

The vast majority of dogs we've bred have been black. We have also had whites, creams and browns. We feel either sex makes an equally intelligent, responsive, highly trainable, and loving pet.

Waiting List

There is usually a waiting list for our litters. Approximately 20% of our puppies go to homes where we have placed dogs in the past. Because we know how a home eagerly anticipates a new puppy and how great the disappointment is when there aren't enough puppies in a given litter, we do not take reservations for more than we feel we can fairly promise. We do not take deposits for puppies until the litter is at least a week old.

Adult Dogs

Occasionally, we have adult dogs to place. These are usually retired champions, perhaps utilized in the breeding program, but not always. There are only a certain number of dogs anyone can keep as pets and give the required time and attention to. Unless the circumstances are extraordinary, we are unable to do adult placements at a distance.

Email us if you would like more information about our dogs, our breeding program and/or upcoming litters.

Thank you for your interest in Greenwyn Standard Poodles

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